WoT – Artillery can stun Teammates with no Consequences

With the new disabled Team Damage, people have noticed that playing artillery and purposefully stunning teammates does not make you turn blue (which means that nobody on your own team can hurt your tank). If you have been griefed by an artillery player, most simple thing is to ignore and report them.

20 thoughts on “WoT – Artillery can stun Teammates with no Consequences

  1. Using the in-game reporting function? Sure….. the uninformed might think WG actually look at the reports, but most of us know better.


    1. The issue is that the in-game report system has everything in one category. Be it pushing, blocking, stuns etc. Thus it will just drown with 9999 butthurt reports for each serious one.


  2. Nothing has changed to the worse. Arties never turned blue for me, even if they hit me multiple times. But now i at least not get damaged. So it’s definitely a change for the positive


    1. At least then it took 3 hits to turn blue. Something many thoughts was to nice. Might be more if it was just critical zero damage hit with stuns. No they can fire 10+ times and nothing happens. It’s def not for the positive. As playing on the HT lane now. I’m more stunned by my own arty then theirs. Because there are no consequences. So having a longer reload, slower traverse and no view range most of the match is def… not for the positive. If WG doesn’t fix this. It will be abused as all heck.

      I’ve already been hit by friendly arty for not spotting the “right” part of the map. And that’s fun when you have sub 200m view range and half the top speed most of the time as he keeps going for you.


  3. Amazing…who could have foreseen this happening?…..Super test server-1st public test round-2nd public test….everything was checked….so how did this happen??? couldn’t have someone spot this and warn WG?


  4. I was playing arty and i had a top tier tank on my team trying to team kill me for 6 minutes because i wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted me to. We won he did 0 damage and apparently that was my fault lol. I was top 5 and he decided i was hacking???


  5. People like to make problems out of nowhere. Like arty will all time stun the own teammates. Its just bullshit. People just want to cry and make drama where no drama is.

    There is no difference to the 8 years before where trolls killed the own arty or did other unsportsman like stuff from time to time.


    1. This is funny I’ve played 60 games more or less since the patch in all classes and not once did i get stunned by allied arty. Neither did I stun any allies with my arty. there was a case when I marked the area and fired and my ally rushed straight in. That’s his fault for lack of awareness not mine.


      1. Like 60 games is such a huge sample size. Also just wait until the players who live under a rock and don’t read patchnotes realize that WG have removed team damage and start griefing.


    2. I still praise WG for removing the teamdmg. It was just used for people that wanted to troll or have problems with the anger management. Al the years before people did team dmg without consequences, also Arty got teamkilled and it was fun. But now people freaking out because Arty could still stun own teammates.This is just laughable.


      1. “Al the years before people did team dmg without consequences”

        Umm, no? They were getting banned for it.

        “But now people freaking out because Arty could still stun own teammates.”

        You are missing the whole point of the issue of team damage removal.


        1. >>Umm, no? They were getting banned for it.

          Untrue. Only idiots got banned, smart people just exploited the system and never got banned and still could do teamdamage and take out arta without any consequences.

          >>You are missing the whole point of the issue of team damage removal.

          No, I dont miss any point. There is not issue and its fine.


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