WoWS – Marat : The history of a veteran

10 thoughts on “WoWS – Marat : The history of a veteran

            1. You made the first claim of nobody plays it with no data backing it up so follow your own politics governor.


            2. Actually I do have some, I just can’t he arsed to go fetch up for some random inflammatory and ignorant statement because I don’t remember the URL that uses that specific WG API and it would require me to browse for a good hour or two, yet again for a single ignorant and inflammatory statement who wouldn’t change his mind even if Stephen Hawkings were to descend from the skies with the most conclusive proof of anything ever and explained it to him.


    1. I currently mainly play WoWs (14k games in WoT), as i got bored with WoT after X-Mas.
      WoWs is actually suprizingly fun nd offers a lot. The additional elements (Main battery, secondaries, AA, Torpedos, Smoke, Hydro, Radar, Spotter Planes, weapon range etc.) and the slower pace offer some more depth.
      I also prefer the crew/captain system over WoT’s.


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