Progetto M35 Mod 46 Marathon

A bunch of Italian medium tanks are all busy warming up their engines to leave the assembly line. But in the meantime, we’re bringing you a little something special to get battle ready: the Italian Challenge. And it’s totally not a way to just have some fun before the new line rolls out. Promise.

Running from 13 April at 12:00 CEST to 27 April at 12:00 CEST, the Italian Challenge will twist the Random Battles experience into a frantic and furious hunt for a host of rewards and in-game valuables. From Credits, Personal Reserves, and unique camo through to the mightly Progetto M35 Mod 46 that features the all-new autoreloader mechanic.

Hop on board to battle your way over 10 fierce stages and reap in-game rewards. Make it to the finish line to earn the 1st Italian tank and gear up for a new nation!

How It Works

The Italian Challenge includes 10 consecutive stages to complete. To make the event more versatile and fun, we’re introducing two ways to earn rewards.

  • Endurance race: Built around the amount of base XP points you earn, this approach encourages those who succeed by sheer persistence. Each stage will require you to gain a certain amount of XP, rolling out in Tier VI and higher vehicles. Just remember: you’ll only have your result counted if you reach the Top 10 of your team’s list at the end of a battle—no matter whether your team wins or loses.
  • Ramp up the challenge: You can opt for alternative, far more complex tasks, while being limited to Tier X machines. Fulfilling these objectives will save you time, but you’ll have to give it your all.
ProTip: Both sets of tasks will be fulfilled simultaneously (given all conditions are met), so it doesn’t matter how exactly you end up progressing to the next stage.

What’s on the Line

Firstly, the Progetto M35 mod 46 Premium tank is the main prize, and this is the first time ever a Tier VIII vehicle has been both a trophy and a a tank that launches a new nation. Secondly, tankers will get a chance to earn it for free. It’s a challenging objective that will require the best of your abilities, but the result is more than worth it.

27 thoughts on “Progetto M35 Mod 46 Marathon

  1. Wow, this looks pretty good, not saying im gonna do it (most likely its gonna be very hard/time consuming), but i rly like the idea to give ppl a chance to get brand new premium tank for free, nice. Thumb up.

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  2. This is surprising in a positive way. Still a grindfest that not everyone will be able to finish, but definitely a good step forward compared to previous marathons. Best of luck to everyone!

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        1. “Anyone decent”, right, elitist jerks we are, aren’t we? Earning the most XP on your team 15 times, or dealing the most damage on your team 20 times (stage VII and VIII) before reaching the sheer XP grind requirement is so not “decent”, but way above average.

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  3. well, I really do like the idea of WG to have two ways (or basically three) – either spend lots of time or be skilled/lucky (some missions need luck rather than skill) and have the right tier 10. well, or just pay them …

    It would be a little more positive, if the “skill” missions wouldn’t be limited to tier 10, but all the development of the last year seems to be aimed to push people to play tier 10 (and thus raise the need to buy prem or prem tanks – where the tanks are mostly screwed by 3-5-7-MM, especially the tier 8 ones).

    I wonder what they will charge for the bundle in the shop, as I will not have the time to do the mission (and I cannot even hope to get the skill missions all done in that time frame).

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  4. Yeeeeeah, another “half time job with no weekends” marathon (you have to do ~20k BASE xp every day, and don’t kid yourself that you’ll skip it with the challenge option since those are just as grindy, if not more). No thanks, not this time.


  5. 4000 armor block stages is easy with Maus and high caliber with my Grile15.
    Rest of stages feast grind.
    My average xp per game is 715xp. I think I will get a free tank 🙂


  6. 312,000/ my avg xp, 473 battles x 8 mins avg per battle, all works out to 4.5 hours per day.
    12 hour shifts, plus 4.5 hrs wot. Easily doable for the great unwashed, not so easy for those with a J-O-B, who are the more likely patrons of WoT.

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  7. The WG relies on the fact that not everyone can complete the missions and then buy the tank using the discount. For example, skipping the last two 50000 exp missions you can buy the tank with 80% discount, saving 100k farming exp


  8. Number VII and X is a trap.

    Being first in exp in a tier X is not that easy even if you’re an unicum and rock a battle.
    If a tier VIII makes 2k dmg or some decent spotting he will be above you in exp lader.

    I got like 6-7k dmg battles in Obj268v4 playing first line where I couldn’t top some Lowe who got like 5 penetrating shots or a T54lt who did some spot.


  9. Would it be to much to ask for a blog writer to actually write down 10 missions, their alt missions and rewards in a simple table?
    Just suggesting, that’s the reason I came here, now I can go back and read at my garage, more convenient.


    1. Reading this it sounds harsher that it was meant.
      So… May I suggest, for those of us to come here to grasp info quickly, to kindly add a three culms table with mission requirements and rewards?
      There we go, nice version. Where is the freaking edit button?


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