WoT – Premium tank : Progetto M35 mod 46

25 thoughts on “WoT – Premium tank : Progetto M35 mod 46

  1. Off topic question: Do you think it is worth getting the Obj 268 4 now or they will nerf it in the near future? I mean if they will “nerf” it like they did with Type 4 and 5 the tank will still be OP, right?


    1. Buy it if you want it, wait if there’s something else you want to buy in the near future. You can never go wrong with buying a tX because usually you don’t sell them, even if you don’t play it and it’s only to have more tX in your garage, so from that view it’s worth it. I myself will be focusing on IS-4 line because there were rumours it will get the foch155/FV215b/FV215b183 treatment.

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    2. Tbh they may overreact and nerf the shit out of v4. They probably won’t though. I advice you to hurry up and get it while it’s still OP, it’s probably the most fun you can have in tier 10 currently.

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    3. Honestly it was nerfed IMO quickly right after introduction… as it is not the producer that it once was and Ive played since closed beta 2010 and when it went live 2011 doesn’t mean Im good as game changes dramatically every few months at the least…

      Bigbillybear in game


  2. That’s what the 1.0 update should have been. A marathon for a t8 prem of a new line would have been a great way to kick off their ‘new start’.


    1. Uuh, what of this tank is OP? The bull skull so we can make western movie jokes?

      It’s a Centurion with no armor (have fun getting derped by arta, Jap heavies and T49-Sheridan), less pen and a gimmicky reload mechanism. But hey, at least you can boast your crew eats spaghetti! 😛


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