New Clan Wars Camo Set

The new „Lightning” set will be available for clan players, and will be issued in the next Global Map campaign this year. Unhistorical camouflage paints (like this one) can be turned off in the game settings.

Credit for pics:

14 thoughts on “New Clan Wars Camo Set

  1. WG has finally gone bonkers with their camo…… tell me how hard it is to give a tank a urban camo pattern ? it would look way better than this throwback to an other era of game skins

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  2. anime camo unreal!!! WG has lost its mind, this looks pretty damn gay, may as well throw some lil cartoon girls on it as well


  3. FFS players stop being such crybabies, IT’S JUST A CAMOFALGE, if players want to be gay so be it. WG Will run out of ideas when they will only use historical camoflages.

    You can chose if you want to use it or not. How hard is it?


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