WoT – Battle Royale Test

A new game mode is being tested right now, and you can do it yourself on the sandbox server.

Download here


  • Enemy details are only displayed if they’re aimed at
  • The mode was made by a separate team inside the WoT dev team
  • The mode uses a modified Frontline map in HD
  • 40 players, everyone vs everyone
  • You start the game as one of four IX tier LTs
  • You can loot enemies
  • Airdrops are present
  • Your starting loadout has very little ammo
  • The map playable area shrinks with time
  • Everyone has access
  • No arty
  • This mode has a separate OST
  • Platoons for two people. The platoon mode is 20 platoons, 2 persons each.
  • There’s something like an inventory system

Known problems:

  •  The optimization is worse than that of the normal client, and it’s unavailable for Mac and x86
  • If your PC is subpar, the client won’t even run

Some tips:

  • Various items are scattered over the map, like equipment, perks, or consumables. There’s also ammo, or health pickups.
  • The map area, like in any BR game, is slowly shrinking, symbolized by a circle. Black squares on the map are already disabled, yellow ones are next.

28 thoughts on “WoT – Battle Royale Test

  1. “The optimization is worse than that of the normal client”

    Really? I have almost the same FPS on it with the same settings as on the live server.

    “But, the truth is we’re not making a Battle Royale tank game as of now.”

    Liar Kisly in action.

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  2. Why dont wg focus on the core gameplay, that what made WOT famous to beginn with. If they purposefully powercreep the game to the point that customers expertations get deluded they have done a big misstake. They are a bunch of tools not caring about old school harcore players.

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    1. It is

      Since it’s on the sandbox server those other devteam guys are free to screw around without seriously messing up the main game.


  3. God, so I’ve waited so long to see that map to be back with the great gamemode that was with it, and its a fuck*** battle royal? really? WHY THEY ALWAYS CHOSE THE WORST THING

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  4. Q&A with the Boss: “we are not working on a WOT Battle Royale”
    Two days after: “WOT Battle Royale available in Sandbox”

    The worst part is, if they were trying to keep it secret to make a nice surprise, imo that’s not a pleasant surprise. This genre of game is not adapted for WoT, maps are too small and balance is wrong, and they have a bad past with special gamemodes, as far as how worth it they are.
    I’d rather have them announce a test for Historical Battles or PvE in waves, or anything but this gamemode that doesnt have its place here…

    Make bigger maps, then we’ll see.

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    1. There is no enemy-sidebar, because you would need 39 of them.
      So … no XVM-sniping, at least … not at the moment.

      Would be a little crowded on every screen anyway.

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  5. I am usually not the one to bitch about balance and such, but…

    How about prioritizing problems plaguing the base game first instead of making another gamemode that nobody has asked for?

    1.) Fix the broken vehicles paring in the MM, I don’t want to see Maus / Type 5 or E100s versing AMX 50B’s or god forbid medium tanks on city maps.
    2.) Do something about MM weight of vehicles below Tier 9 as it is pretty boring to be bottom tier 8 out 10 times. Which pretty hard for new comers on lower tiers to grind their ways up on Tier 6 and 7. God for bid in completely stock tanks with even shittier penetration.
    3.) Do something about the “5%” gold ammo spam
    4.) Or better yet but back weakspots on tanks that people are being able to hit semi reliably at midrange with the blissful RNG…

    List including but not limited to:

    Type 5 Heavy
    Type 4 Heavy
    Object 284 v4 bigger LFP please and do away with the 250mm “weak” coupola on top…
    Object 430U coupolas, LFP is cheese already.
    T110E3 LFP
    …slap on any other broken POS you can think of.

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      1. Any tank is kind of broken if there is no realy weakspot on the front to pen it with a tank two tiers lower shooting gold on the supposed weakpoint.

        Also in the current corridor meta is plenty better compared to the regular 268 or even an E4 for the fact.


      1. Yeah I’m terrible at this game with 47k games and 3.5K WN8 epeen points.

        Pushing the 2 key on your keyboard twice and shooting 350mm HEAT pen all day is not skill.

        People spamming said failium ammo is also a direct consequence of over armored tanks. Angled Type 5 heavy on the “thinnest” flat part is 280-290mm thick. Tier 10 avarage gun penetration is around 260mm.

        Good luck getting on its flank on maps like Paris and the sorts…


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