PZ.KPFW. II AUSF. J available on EU

Price around 96 €.




19 thoughts on “PZ.KPFW. II AUSF. J available on EU

  1. If it was two years ago why not, but now the IIJ is completely underpowered.

    Many newer tier 3s have enough pen to go through it without even using gold, the armor isnt as good as it used to be. And the gun is so pathetic even by firing nothing but gold, you will hardly do anything in battle.

    They need to give it more pen at least so it becomes playable. For now all it can do is absorbing shots, sometimes, and that’s it. Can’t damage the ennemy, can’t survive half of the game it plays.

    Went from completely OP to unplayable.

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    1. 100 % percent true!
      This tank was so rare and so OP, it was sold at 300EUR at eBay three years ago.
      Now it is just crap, a lot of tanks can pen you today.
      Nothing makes this tank special anymore.


  2. selling tanks like this is just one of the reasons I’ve decided NEVER to give wargaming a penny. Shame, it’s basically a good game.


    1. Good boy, bet typing that out made you feel all rebellioous and clever at the time eh?.. now you look back at it and think ‘damn, I just sound like a whiney little kid complaining abut shiny things I can’t afford;..nevermind eh, you’ll learn not to look so stupid as much as you grow up.

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      1. Well if they ever sell the Pz V/IV you should buy it no matter the price xP
        But for the sake of T5 gameplay i hope it will take some time before they sell it xD


          1. Before the buff it was a very underwhelming T6 med and the only thing that saved it a little bit was the pref mm…

            But then they buffed everything (exept hitpoints) and at the same time put it from T6 to T5 but cept the preferential mm (max T6 now)
            Just look how good the gunhandling is and dont forget you have the best hull armor by far on T5
            KV1 is a bad joke xP


            Too be honest they should have either put it to T5 as it was or buffed it but hey now i have the most op tank in the game xD

            For some stats


  3. This is the Wargaming Unicum guide to make money

    Step 1 : Create a simple mission doable in any tier without even a victory condition
    Step 2 : Put the Panzer II Ausf. J on sale
    Step 3 : …
    Step 4 : PROFIT !!!


  4. Rich mans tank. The ammo cost of using apcr is extremely high. And the this tank is only a threat when in an Tier 2-3 match.


  5. Buy 30500 gold and they give you the thank for free (even is useless is a rare tank); sell it and get another garage slot. Then buy 365 days of premium IN GAME with gold that is cheaper than on the prem shop. Can’t afford 100€? get a better job…


    1. Well, the tank is for free. You pay for the vslue of the other items, not the tank itself.

      Still, the idea of pying 100EUR to WG, whatever tge reason, is propesterous!


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