Premium Shop: 1.0 Specials

From EU portal:


Now that one of the biggest updates in the history of World of Tanks is finally available for you to enjoy, we’re going to have an equally huge range of offers available to celebrate this milestone. No less than 18 Tier VIII Premium vehicles are on discount, so use this opportunity to get the vehicles you always wanted!

Available vehicles

11 thoughts on “Premium Shop: 1.0 Specials

    1. yeah was thinking the same, as a customer who prefer to buy yearly premium account, i dont consider a sale for a tank when i have to buy a month of premium account alongside costing the same as i would buy the tank withtout this premium account for a month… .

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      1. you talk shite, show me one tier 8 tank that costs the same as a months prem…you buying a months prem for £30 now yeah?…stupid little creature, once you grow up and actually earn some real money (not monopoly money from the family games cupboard) you’ll realise how much utter garbage you post…absolute scrote.


        1. You primitive flaming monkey….go back to your cave abd study once more what he wrote….he buys a tank the same price he would also normally buy,for him the month of premium time is irrelevant cuz he allready got a year bought…. .


        2. You have basically made yourself look stupid for not being able to read and comprehend a sentence and if that wasn’t enough, you have replied in such an aggressive manner for no apparent reason, you also appear to be a rude, arrogant idiot. Good job!


  1. Oh so they are selling again the jagd88 which was to be removed…..well that is quite nice considering that most people would pay for it but they don’t know how garbage is today. I don’t know why I even care considering i left for good


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