New Premiums in the Tech Tree

With the release of version 1.0, in the ingame store there were added new premium tanks:

• T-34-85M (VI, 3750 gold);
• KV-122 (VII, 5950 gold);
• 59-Patton (VIII, 7200 gold).

Before that, the T-34-3 (with preferential MM) was removed from the ingame store.

14 thoughts on “New Premiums in the Tech Tree

  1. as nice as the T-34-85M is: this is bad news for tier 6 gameplay. that tank is not ridicolous OP, but balanced? nope. way to high DPM, bouncy front armor against tier 6 meds, ok gun handling and also ok to mediocre mobility. add the insane HE ammo and voila, VERY good tank. not to mention the pen, which is very usable, even against most tier 8 meds.

    I own one from marathon and its working fine, even with 3-5-7 against higher tiers.


    1. Given that the marathon to get the T-34-85M was very easy, most players probably have one, it’s been a common sight in Tier 6 since then (I don’t because I was away from the game back then, and yes I regret it).


      1. well, the 59-Patton was buffed. the gunhandling is okay, the pen is better and the DPM is okay, too.

        if you take a look at this, it is really a shame for the Panther 8,8 – neglible advantage in DPM, pretty bad gunhandling (aimtime and especially dispersion, but good acc), powercreeped pen (only T-44 and T-54 are worse) with mediocre AP and also rather bad APCR, bad mobilty and ingame nonexisting armor that even tier 6 MTs can pen everywhere.

        If WG would give him at least the 8,8 /L100 the Panther II got recently, that would help quite a bit.

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