WoT – Batchat 25t HD + stats

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

Health: 1800
Speed forward/reverse: 65 / -23 km / h
Hull traverse speed: 42 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 38 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 60 / 40 / 30
Turret armor: 50 / 30 / 15

Damage: 300 / 300 / 400
Pen: 252 / 278 / 50
Clip reload speed: 34 s
Inter-clip reload speed: 2,4 s
Clip size: 6
Accuracy: 0,36
Aimtime: 2,5 s

(and a little bonus)

AMX 50 100

Gun depression: -9

55 thoughts on “WoT – Batchat 25t HD + stats

        1. And BC is probably one of the most balanced competitive tanks in the game, don’t see the point in nerfing it, we already of have favor of the month shit going on with the heavies,and in the end it’ll still remain the best tier 10 light tank, y’know, the whole change was just unnecessary at best

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          1. Picked more than any other medium tank and light tanks combined doesn’t sound really balanced for “competitive play”


            1. It’s stats put it in the middle of the pack. A nerf wasn’t needed.

              Are you a potato that gets killed by them constantly?


    1. do you even do competitive play? 1 batchat used for scouting then the rest RU meds. only the 907/140 to be specific. Maybe we should nerf those as well as they have flooded competitive and pub play and yes even teh 907 (A campaign reward tank) has flooded it because of the BUFF it got.

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        1. The real issue that everyone overlooks since the day of time.. the fucking autoloading french arty.. it’s no over powered at all. Especially now since it can stun you into oblivion.. and if you have shit armor you’re fucked for sure.


    2. T10 ligths are shit and very nerffed and if this tank is used on Competitive is because is fast and has an autoloader NOTHING MORE


  1. Well needed nerf.
    Now it’s still as dangerous as before as soon as you already took a shot. It’s just that now it cannot oneclip a full life tier X medium tank. It can still kill anything tier 9 except some heavies tho.
    And they compensated the difference in reload time. So DPM will probably mot change much (if at all). It’s just “no more oneclipping tier Xs”.

    It was nerfed for good ; now it’s not OP anymore. Besides it’s still basicaly a light tank with better firepower than MTs, and by far one of the best tier Xs in the game.


  2. Edit : I also think it will actualy make BC more competitive.
    Past the first few minutes of the game there isnt many tanks with full life anyway. Here the BC lost 150 potential clip damage ; but won an additional shot (meaning an additional potential kill) and gained a lot in reload time (meaning he wont sit useless for as long as now).
    The tank became less deadly in early game ; but much more dangerous for end-game and much more effective at outputting continuous damage rather than quick clip long reload. That makes it much more flexible for competitive play, and allows it to carry a game more easily.

    This is actualy a buff for the BC. And that while removing the gamebreaking ability to oneclip tier Xs. It’s a win-win situation. So stop complaining just because you see raw alpha lowered ; if you take every stat into account the tank is gonna be even better after this so called “nerf”.

    Also I like the fact that it finaly has its turret made much bigger. Historical look.

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    1. “buff”

      279 gold pen. Have fun against Type 5 or Maus that you more or less cant damage unless you get to side, and even when done so Maus is pretty tricky and they need to be completely alone in somewhat open place to do so.

      I dont see that being a buff.

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    2. While you aren’t completely wrong (yes it does open up for chances for the tank), but you seem to overlook the fact that what is gained in reload speed was lost in burst fire speed, you have to stay at the very least 2 more seconds to unload than before, 390 alpha is also way better to trade with other tanks, as you don’t always get to sit around and shoot for 6 times at a guy without being shot back at, having higher alpha means that you can punish people for more healthy at a shorter time, also, the 279 gold is frankly underwhelming

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  3. oh now thats interesting now it has a 250 pen french 100mm with 200 alpha per hit. that could be very good potentially one thing i would ask them to do though is maybe reduce the top speed bit this obliterates the high tier lts so easily because it still has the insane top speed and power to weight it just has a worse traverse but gets way more hp.


  4. Wondering who has 3 marks on BatChat in the comment section…
    Its a pretty well balanced tank at the moment and has been for the last 5 years.

    Retarded WG instead of nerfing the BC just buff the lights ffs…

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    1. i have 2 marks on it , what s funny is that the amx 13 105 has better alpha and so it can trade better than a BC in small time ,


    2. I have 3 and is not OP if it was everybody would hace epic DPG and huge requirements to 3mark it but no. 907 is much more OP than this JUST BECAUSE YOU NEED SKILL TO PLAY BC it isn t OP gun handling is shit no armour shit accuracy gun depression is normal


  5. jesus how about waiting to see the supertest notes before we all spew hate in here. It looks good, that’s all that matters at the moment


    1. How exactly does it look good? It’s almost a batchat ap at tier 10 like that. The problem is that wargaying took the “batchat is the best tier 10 light tank” meme too seriously, and now we’re getting punished for it. It’s balanced as it is now, doesn’t need any changes whatsoever, but it’s wargaming, they have to screw up something, otherwise it wouldn’t be them.

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  6. BC 25t Global Stats:
    Win Rate among tier Xs 50.12% (24/50 tier Xs, 9/16 tier X meds)
    DPG among tier Xs 2,064 (22/50 tier Xs, 9/16 tier X meds)
    XP per game among tier Xs 449/game (19/50 tier Xs, 10/16 tier X meds)

    Obviously it needs to be nerfed.

    I see a lot of comments by people that obviously don’t play the BC. This nerf (and yes, its a nerf) of giving it a tier 8 gun means it won’t really be a viable as a tier X medium anymore.


    1. The t9 BC is better at t9 now , (232 pen is good at that tier) , also the shell velocity is getting nerfed from 1460 m/s to 1000 which is shit at t10


  7. this is unfair for Batchat 25t.as the rise of tier 10 tanks,it is more dangerous for BC to scout.it is a MT .why you insist on turning BC into a LT?the 105mm gun of BC doesnt suit with sniper.and it isnt your original intention.BC has so many features.it doesnt like anyother tanks.we spent too much on BC .it is an unwieldy tank and not suitable for everyone.


  8. WG are a bunch of useless fucktards that don’t even play their own game. It has to be one of the most mismanaged companies I have ever seen.

    Nerfing the Batchat?

    Bunch of fucking clowns.


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